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Welcome to Don’t Stop This Music! We are a music blog founded by John Smith, a passionate music lover from California. John’s love for music began at a young age, and he has been immersed in the industry ever since.

Our team also includes two talented writers and editors, Sarah Johnson and Michael Rodriguez, both of whom share a deep passion for music and bring unique perspectives to our content.

John Smith, Founder:

John has over a decade of experience in the music industry and has worked with a variety of artists and labels throughout his career. He founded Don’t Stop This Music with the vision of creating a platform where music lovers can come together to share their thoughts and experiences.

Sarah Johnson, Writer, and Editor:

Sarah holds a degree in music journalism and has written for numerous music publications. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to our team and is passionate about exploring the intersection of music and culture.

Michael Rodriguez, Writer, and Editor:

Michael is a lifelong music lover and self-taught musician with a deep appreciation for a wide range of musical genres. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences with our readers, offering them unique insights and perspectives.

At Don’t Stop This Music, we are committed to providing our readers with engaging and informative content that reflects our love for all things music. We cover a variety of topics, including artist interviews, album reviews, and industry news.

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